Lighter Shade Of Brown

Aztlan queen tainted by Spanish blood

562, Los Angeles


Hecha en tierra robada


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I just shook it all off
At least I get to go to work rn, at least I have a job, at least I’m going to learn to distract myself, at least I’m going to make some money so I can spoil myself later
Yea fuck anyone else, I’m gr8

I hate not having anyone to go with
At least I have myself I guess

The fact that I have to turn off anon at least once a day is really starting to bug me
I am tired of the negativity and the lack of respect
It is honestly emotionally exhausting to deal with after a while
I have to go to work rn and I’m heated as hell but I have to pretend to like poeple and shit
Like I just want to jump off a Cliff rn



Your fat ass would probably just sit on me

You’d like that huh? Oh yea I bet.

I’m going to fucking delete I swear
Fuck everyone on here whose a piece of shit honestly

Is your brother gay?

He’s 11 , I’ll beat your head against cement if I ever find out who you are